Copper ETF

Many people are looking for a good copper ETF to invest in. As the People’s Republic of China (PRC) continues to consume more and more copper, more people are investing in copper. The best way to invest in copper is through copper ETFs. An ETF is an exchange traded fund whose performance is related to the performance of a number of different related stocks. There are three guidelines to keep in mind as you start to invest in ETFs: 1, Try to pick ETFs that have been around for a relatively long time, 2, hold onto the ETFs you have invested in for as long as possible, and 3, only invest in ETFs when you have the financial resources to do so. Read More →


Every knowledgeable investor knows the lucrative opportunities presented by Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and particularly an oil ETF if you play the game right. These are simple investment strategies in the price and performance of the oil industry without owning an oil well in your backyard. Energy ETFs are quite popular in today’s economy due to their diversity and stability. Such ETFs involve investing in oil company stocks or futures as well as derivative contracts and oil-related indexes.

A popular example is the United States Oil ETF which provides you with an opportunity to invest in oil that you do not actually own but with an exposure to the current oil price. Your investment consists of futures, options, and contracts for oils and other petroleum based fuels such as natural gas, and gasoline. Read More →

What Are ETFs?

ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are passively-managed investment funds based on stock exchange trading positions. In addition its similarity to a stock, an ETF also holds other assets such as commodities and bonds with daily trading values close to its net asset value. The novel design of the ETF allows investors to track how the underlying benchmarks perform while, at the same time, granting them an efficient method to acquire market exposures that are cost-effective. Just like securities, an ETF can be bought or sold from brokers anytime during the specified trading hours. Read More →

Silver ETF Review

A silver ETF can be very good investment strategy. You’ve come to right place for information about silver ETFs. Here you’ll find an introduction to this investment category and reasons why you should consider investing in silver ETFs.

Little known facts about silver and silver ETF funds

The reason silver may prove to be a lucrative investment option lies in some little known facts about silver. Silver is not necessarily more abundant than gold. Yes, it’s been mined more often, creating a seeming abundance, but according to the CPM group, for the past fifteen years there’s not been enough silver produced to meet global demands for silver mining. Read More →